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C-123 Survivors


   C-123B        54-0552                                Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base, Bangkok, Thailand
   C-123B        54-0555                                Royal Thai Air Force Museum. Don Muang RTAFB, Bangkok Thailand
   C-123B         '683'                                   Ching Mai RTAFB, Thailand
   C-123B        55C505                                Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona
   C-123B        1673                                    Museo Aeronautico de la Fuerza Aerea  Venezolana, Maracay, Venezuela
   C-123J         56-4389                               War Memorial Museum, Institute of Military Strategy, Seoul, South Korea
   C-123J         56-4390                               National Air & Space Museum, Dulles IAP, Washington DC
   C-123J         56-4395                               Air National Guard Museum, Kulis ANGB, Anchorage, Alaska
   C-123K        54-0580                               Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona
   C-123K        54-0593                               USAF History and Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB, Texas
   C-123K        54-0604                               Linear Air Park, Dyess AFB, Texas
   C-123K        54-0609                               82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum, Fort Bragg North Carolina
   C-123K        54-0610                               Hill Aerospace Museum, Ogden, Utah
   C-123K        54-0612                               March Field Museum, Riverside, California
   C-123K        54-0629                               McGuire AFB Collection, New Jersey
   UC-123K      54-0633                               Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, Georgia
   UC-123K      54-0658                               Dover AFB Museum, Delaware
   C-123K        54-0668                               USAF History and Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB, Texas
   C-123K        54-0669                               Pope AFB, North Carolina
   C-123K        54-0674                               Valiant Air Command Museum, Titusville, Florida
   C-123K        54-0683                               Air Force Flight Test Center Museum, Edwards AFB,  California
   C-123K        54-0695                               Minnesota Air National Guard Museum, Minneapolis St Paul, Minnesota
   C-123K        55-4505                               Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona
   C-123K        55-4507                               Travis Air Force Museum, Fairfield, California (stored)
   C-123K        55-4512                               Castle Air Museum, Atwater, California
   C-123K        55-4533                               Hurlburt Field Memorial Air Park, Florida
   C-123K        55-4548                               Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base. Bangkok, Thailand
   C-123k         56-4362                               USAF Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
   C-123K        N4080E                               Planes of
Fame Air Museum, Chino, California
   C-123          503                                     Air Force Academy Museum, Gang Shan, Taiwan


   C-123K        54-0565 [ N123  ]                 Higgins Aviation Inc, Glendale, Arizona
   UC-123K      54-0603 [ N4254H  ]            Amjet  Aircraft Corporation, Minneapolis St Paul, Minnesota
   C-123K        54-0615 [ N546S  ]              James Blumenthal, Kingman, Arizona
   C-123K        54-0664 [ N22968 ]              Air Heritage, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
   C-123K        54-0681 [ N681DG ]             Amjet Aircraft Corporation, Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota

Under restoration or stored

   C-123K      54-0581 [ N87DT ]                Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation, Chino, California
   C-123K      54-0592 [ N8692N ]               Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation, Chino, California (at Avra Valley, AZ)
   C-123K      54-0661 [ N4112A ],              Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation, Chino, California (at Tucson)
   C-123K      54-0709 [ N709RR ]               Ray Petkow, Reno Stead,  Nevada
   C-123K      ?                                         El Liberatador Airport, Venezuela
   C-123T       56-4357                              Tucson International Airport, Arizona


   C-123K       55-4569                                 Rain Making Flight, Bangkok, Thailand
   C-123K       55-4576                                 Rain Making Flight, Bangkok, Thailand

Many of the countries that acquired ex-USAF Providers over the years, such as Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Laos, Venezuela and Vietnam, have numerous examples stored or dumped at airfields but it is believed that few. If any, remain in active use. One country that until recently had a number of operational Providers is Thailand, two aircraft were still flying with the Royal Rain Making Flight at Bangkok, Don Muang RTAFB, during January 1998. Four other Providers are also here, all withdrawn from use, and no doubt serving as a spares source for the other two, these were identified recently as  54-0698,  55-4565,
55-4576 and 57-6289, while 54-0702 was last seen in May 1996.

The following aircraft were still stored in the vast AMARC facility at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, as of mid-March 1998
C-123K 544711, 55C517, 55C567; UC-123K 54-0583, 54-0585, 54-0586, 54-0605, 54-0607, 544618, 54-0628, 54-0635,
54-0685, 54-0693, 54-0701, 554520, 55-4532, 55-4544, 55-4547, 55-4571, 55-4577, 56-4371.